Costa would like to thank everyone for their continued and future support in helping make Le Quartier du dejeuner THEIR neighborhood breakfast and lunch place. He also extends a special thanks to Mary K for her endless hours of help and work on this project, which was a labour of love and could not have been complete without her.
The name was chosen, and the décor was perfect, now Costa wanted to do what he really set out to do:  to give his clientele a delicious, quality product at a reasonable price. Since the restaurant’s April 2014 opening, the reviews have been incredible. Having only been open for a short time, Le Quartier du dejeuner already boasts a friendly atmosphere, a great breakfast and lunch menu, inviting staff, and an unforgettable experience. Committed patrons and friends have had only positive things to say: Filling portions, quality and freshness are quickly becoming staples of Le Quartier.


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Next decision was concept, and this was left up to his wife Catherine, who is a stylist and designer in her own right. The feel had to be contemporary and urban, yet still maintaining an inviting atmosphere.  “I didn’t want it to feel dated or specific to a certain place or city,” she says. “It had to feel like you were walking into a breakfast place that could be found in any city neighborhood and I believe the pictures and warm tones achieved that,” Catherine elaborates.
For the past 30 years Costa Arcoudis has not only worked at, but has owned his own restaurants. This time, he decided that his latest venture would include something slightly different—breakfast!  With an insatiable desire to deliver the best quality service and product that has earned him his reputation thus far, the vision began to unfold. He first clinched the right location in Pointe-Claire, and then the only thing that remained was to decide on a concept and name befitting of his grand idea. The name, Le Quartier du dejeuner, was conceived one night when Costa, his wife Catherine, and their friend Mary K (hence the breakfast special on the menu) were brainstorming. When Mary uttered the words “Le Quartier du dejeuner” Costa immediately replied: “that’s it!” It was the perfect depiction of his vision. Since there is no other breakfast place in the neighborhood, the name was a great fit.